Fabric Softener – Giving New Life to Clothes

Fabric Softener – Giving New Life to Clothes

The majority of the people use fabric softener along with detergent while washing their clothes. An ignorant person may think it as a waste of time and money but an intelligent person would not make the mistake of underestimating softeners. Fabric softeners are available in different forms and shapes. The most common types are liquid fabric softeners and those in the form of dry sheets. Liquid softener is used in washing machines while dry sheet softener works better inside dryers.

Functions of Fabric Softener

Many people, especially housewives, complain about how their detergents have damaged the new look of the clothes. While many detergent companies claim that their detergents can remove stains without damaging the clothes, recent surveys have proven that their claims are not 100% true. This is why the usage of fabric softener on your clothes has become so important. One of the reasons why detergents turn out to be harsh on your clothes is the fact that they discharge negative ions resulting in static cling on your clothes. Softener is the perfect solution to this problem since chemicals present in it emit positive charges that react with the negative charges leading in the neutralization of charge. Hence, there will not be any static cling in your clothes and your fabric will look smoother and fresher even after many washes. Some fabric softeners are composed of ingredients that can endow the clothes with divine fragrance. It is said that a pleasant smell can convert your horrifyingly bad mood into a good one.

Homemade Natural Fabric Softeners, Their Preparation and Benefits

Fabric softener has been accused of creating some health issues such as skin cancer, allergies, and other such skin problems. These disadvantages have made people understandably reluctant to use it. However, you are fortunate enough to have a way to sort this problem out and that is by using natural ingredients for preparing clothing softener. The best part is that you can prepare it sitting at home all by yourself.

Nice Smelling Vinegar- Hair Conditioner Fabric Softener

Take a two-liter bottle and pour in three cups of water along with 1 ½ cups of white distilled vinegar and 1 cup of hair conditioner. Shake it well so that you get a perfect mixture. Then it is ready to be used.

Simple Natural Fabric Softeners

First, keep 1 cup of white vinegar and baking soda ready. Then, you should carefully pour white vinegar into the baking soda in a container. You should be extremely cautious while pouring vinegar since it has high effervescence. Stir it well until baking soda is disappeared completely. Put the lid on the container and keep it in a dark and cool place for some time, say for an hour. Pour ¼ cup of the solution into the washing machine. The rest will be taken care of by the solution.

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Simple Liquid Fabric Softener

Take an old fabric softener container that has a lid. Combine 2 cups each of white vinegar and baking soda. Add 4 cups of cold water into this. It will start bubbling. Make sure that all the ingredients are distributed equally. Let it set for some time. When it is set, take ¼ of the solution and put it in the washing machine. Wash your clothes and take them out fresh and clean.

If you are a passionate lover of clothes you can not say no to fabric softener.

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