Feed Your Family by Raising Good Chicken Egg Layers

Feed Your Family by Raising Good Chicken Egg Layers

If you have the time and space to raise chicken egg layers, it is a great way to feed your family healthy eggs full of nutrients. Eggs raised organically, from chickens that have been fed organic feed and have been allowed to graze on natural grass are healthier than eggs available in grocery stores. In fact, eggs raised organically have been known to be lower in cholesterol, and to be higher in Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids, all of which are great for overall health.

While not all types of chickens are suitable for egg laying, all chickens lay eggs. Chickens also lay different colored eggs, depending on their breeds. You can tell the color egg a chicken will lay by inspected the skin next to their ears. If the skin is a whitish color, then that chicken will most likely lay white eggs. Similarly, a chicken with reddish-brown skin by their ears will inevitably lay brown eggs. A chicken with red ear skin will most likely lay blue-green and/or blue colored eggs. Remember, the color of the egg makes no difference in how it will taste, or the nutritional content. Rather, the color of the egg is a matter of personal preference.

Chicken egg layers that lay white eggs are most popular for mass egg production on a commercial scale. Keep in mind that white egg-laying chickens are usually more nervous and difficult to tame than their brown-laying counterparts. For this reason, birds that lay white eggs are not as popular for backyard pasturing. White or Pearl Leghorn birds produce 90% of the world’s white eggs, but this is mostly on a commercial scale due to the temperament of these birds.

Flocks that lay brown eggs are the most popular choice for backyard raising. This is because they are mild mannered and more suitable for this type of environment. The shade of brown will vary depending on the chicken, but a good rule of thumb is that younger chickens traditionally lay darker colored eggs. Hubbard Isa Brown, while the most popular brown egg laying chicken, is a hybrid bird. This type of bird is very tame and easy to take care of. Red Star, Black Star, and Golden Comet birds are also hybrids, but considered very good egg layers and suitable for backyard flocks.

If you are looking for something a bit more on the wild side, consider the Ammeraucana or the Araucana, both of which lay blue and blue-green colored eggs. The shade and tone of these eggs will vary, but it’s interesting and fun to see this color when enjoying your eggs.

Of course, chicken egg layers should be chosen based on a variety of factors, not just on the color of egg they produce. In order to have a successful and healthy flock you need to be sure you are raising birds with the right temperament for the amount of space you have. Conduct your research and careful planning before you invest in any chicken raising endeavors.

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