Foaming Vanilla Honey Bath

Foaming Vanilla Honey Bath

How to make Foaming Vanilla Honey Bath recipe.


* 1 cup sweet almond oil, light olive or sesame oil may be substituted
* 1/2 cup honey
* 1/2 cup liquid soap
* 1 Tablespoon vanilla extract


Measure the oil into a medium bowl, then carefully stir in remaining ingredients until mixture is fully blended. Pour into a clean plastic bottle with a tight-fitting stopper or lid. Shake gently before using. Enough for four large luxurious baths.

Swirl desired amount into the bathtub under running water – then step in and descend into a warm, silky escape.


Banish the winter blahs and dissolve away the harshness of the day by relaxing in a soothing bath. Honey is nature’s silky moisturizer and guaranteed to sweeten your mood!

Note: Honey should not be fed to infants under one year of age. Honey is a safe and wholesome food for children and adults.

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Recipe & photo provided courtesy of the National Honey Board.

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