Freezing Pears

Freezing Pears

In this contemporary world, we are living with work surrounding everyone regardless time. As time moving fast, we have to move ahead accordingly as well. As this continues, there is less time for us to cook and eat. Thus the other best alternative to fill in your hunger is by freezing the food such as pears. This allows you to use it at later stage.

There are number of ways to freeze fruits such as dry-freeze, sugar-freeze, syrup-freeze or change it to fruit puree before loading them in the freezer. Freezing pears raw or cooked? No worries. Pears can be frozen in both ways but keep in mind that not all freezing methods are ideal for this fruit. You can have freezing pears anytime in your lifetime. But there are rules applied to choose the best pear to freeze.

Rule No. 1, don’t freeze too ripe fruit as it will become weepy when defrosted.

Rule No. 2, don’t freeze too unripe pear as it become harden even after you defrosted.

Let’s us introduce you the way to freeze pear. First is blanching. Blanching here means boiling it in water. First peel, seed and cut the pears in half or quarters. Later blanch (boil) them in lemon water for couple of minutes. After that wash it with cold water and keep it in plastic container and store in freezer for six to twelve months.

Another method would be pureeing. This method is applied when the pears are overripe. It’s better mush (puree) them before freezing. Once it’s defrosted, these pears can be served as mousse, sauce, jam or with ice-cream. But keep in mind that the pear must be stewed lightly and add in some sweetener before being pureed. Pears frozen using this type of way can last about 8 months.

Syrup-freezing is suitable for less tender pears. First you must dissolve castor sugar in water and boil it. After cool, add in some lemon as per your taste. Pour the ready made syrup into a container filled with peeled pears. Then, keep in freezer between nine to twelve months. But must be cautious as you must leave space in the container as the syrup will expand when it become frozen.

As mentioned above, pears can be frozen raw. Keep in a freezer bag, scattering with lemon. This is important to disallow color change.

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