Fuchsia Plant Care

Fuchsia Plant Care

(pronounced: fyoo-shuh)

Named after Leonhard Fuch, German botanist. Origin: Mexico, Argentina and Chile

(Also known as:  Lady’s eardrop)

Family: Onagraceae

Flower Type: Showy drooping, shows pistols and stamens.

Habit: Weeping, rounded with trailing branches.

Seasonal: Annual

Light: Partial shade, shade. Likes part shade and kept damp.

Size: 3- 5 feet trailing

Color:  White, pink, red, purple, lilac and combinations

Blooming:  Summer. To promote heavy bloom pinch back.

Growth Rate: Moderate

Soil Type: 75% loam, 15 % coarse sand, 10 % leaf mold. Keep soil damp but not wet.

Leaves:  Leaves are opposite, slightly serrated.

Special Assets:  Attracts hummingbirds.

Medicinal Use: None Known

Edible Uses: *(Fuchsia splendens) Fruit – raw. A juicy berry, it is tart with a peppery after-taste. Some what lemon-like with no noticed aftertaste. The fruit can be up to 40mm long and 8mm wide. [source: Plants for a Future]

Landscape Use: Used for hanging baskets or container planting. Can be trained as a small tree.

Propagation: Seeds, cuttings in spring or fall.

Care: Cannot withstand wind. Cut back branches by 2/3 in the fall, take indoors and put in a well lit window. Mist leaves in morning and afternoon in very hot weather. Deadhead when needed.

Water: Cannot tolerate drought.

Disease/ Insects:  Aphids, whitefly,  root weevil, caterpillars, red spider mite

USDA Hardiness Zone: 8-10

Flower Language: Meaning: Humble love

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