Fun ‘Do It Yourself’ Ideas

Being in possession of a wild bunch of unused, old stuff, can be pretty annoying. At the same time, having to discard all of your old things, feels like cheating on your memories. So, why not try to find useful ways to employ, those space wasting objects, instead of just throwing them away.

A Bottle of Memories

Having a set of, idle jars, is rather irritating, since they take up a large space plus, most of the time, they end up in pieces, on the floor. In effect, why do not you find a, more effective way, to use them? As opposed to just tossing them in the trash, or jamming up your cabinets with them. An easy and fun approach to utilize those vacant vessels, is to make a photo frame out of them. That way, you would have played your role in keeping the environment clean. At the same time, you would end up parading your memories in a catchy way.

Peg Your Plants

If you have a lot of extra, unneeded wooden or colored clothes pegs, do not throw them away. Instead, employ them in creating a small plant pot, or a flower container; to decorate your room. All you need, is an empty can of sardines, to peg on your clothes pins. Later, you can plant whatever you want in this new, original plant pot.

Bag Your Old Jeans

Do you own a tons of torn, tight, or out of style jeans that you have no clue what to do with them? There are masses of, do it yourself things that you can involve in your old pair of jeans. Nonetheless, the easiest idea of all, is to make a hand bag or a laptop bag out of them. All you need to do, is cut your jeans at the lap area, then sew it into a bag. Followed by, cutting away a part of your jeans legs vertically, to get fashion your bag’s straps. If you are still a little foggy on how it is exactly done, just follow the link to get a better picture.

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My Tennis Ball is The Man

One of playing tennis minor setbacks is the heaps of deflated, good for nothing balls brought about from the lack of usage. Instead of just chucking them in the trash, why not use them as a pocket. Just by crafting a small, horizontal cut along one side of the ball; you could end up with a key hanger, mail holder and even a pen pouch. Besides, you could also enhance it with some googly eyes; to enliven it a bit.

Hang on to Your Shoes

Having a lot of fancy shoes is every woman’s wild dream. But once this dream comes true, storing them could become a nightmare. As, where will you keep all those footwear? Having loads of, spare wire hangers, might be the answer to this problem. First, cut the bottom wire off the clothes hanger. Finally, using the wire cutters, try to make a loop out of the hanger’s free ends. As a result, a creative shoe rack will be ready; to house in your footwear.

Accessorize Your Clothes Hanger

Do you have a wild bunch of earrings and necklaces that keeps tangling together? Does it take you hours to find the other lost earring and its matching locket? Then worry no more. Hence, your wooden clothes hanger is offering you a wonderful opportunity, to parade your accessories. As well as, keeping them separated and untangled. Just pinch in some hooks; to help you suspend all your rogue earrings and necklaces. Then, you get to keep the rapier inside your cupboard, behind your door, or just drape it onto the wall.

Dangle Your Earrings

We all end up with dozens of, finished unused tissue roll’s cartoon, that after heaping them for a while, we end up pitching them just the same. So, why not use them in something useful instead. For instance, your empty tissue roll can also serve as an earrings stand. First, wrap it in a bright, catchy shelf liner. Then start pinching it with a pin to make tiny holes. Ultimately, dangle your earrings simultaneously, to have your very own earring hanger.

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