Get Tanned without Harming Your Skin

Exposure to sunlight is inevitable but protecting the skin against sun damage is important. Overexposure to the radiation from the sun can cause skin damage which can result in redness, rashes and itchy skin. Repeated exposure for longer duration can also lead to sun burns. Sunrays contain UV A and UV B rays. Both of these are harmful and you should always be conscious to protect your skin against the negative effects from UV rays.

Mild exposure leading to suntan first acts as a barrier protecting the skin. The skin on exposure to sunlight releases melanin which is a photo protecting pigment and helps to avoid further damage to the skin. But this shield does not remain effective for long. Overexposure to sunlight (accidental or intentional) can cause severe redness, rashes and itching. Also when the tissue gets burned the damage could not be reversed and might lead to permanent scars or masks.

Self Tanning is in Demand

Contrary to the above some people like to get their skin darkened. This might be out of choice or they might want to support that look for a particular occasion. Whatever be the reason, a craze for darkened skin tone has been observed among many individuals specially youngsters who like to experiment with different looks at various parties. And no doubt, the tanned look gives your body slimmer and toned look. To suit this growing need, skin care scientists have come up with safe methods of tanning self.

The above procedure does not require you to sit for long hours on the beach and sun bath but will help you achieve the desired skin color in lesser time. Here we are talking about the new generation self tanning lotions. These creams have made tanning easy, effective and a safe procedure.

Key Points to Remember to Make Self Tanning More Effective and Long Lasting

One thing which all those using the self tanners should keep in mind is to exfoliate the body before using the tanning product and avoid the use of moisturizers before using the tanner as the two might interfere with each other’s working. Also, a shower before the treatment where you could scrub or exfoliate your skin would help (take care to specifically scrub rough areas like elbows and knees). Get your arms and legs waxed before using the tanning products and when using on face, pull your hair up into a pony. This would make sure that no area is left without treatment and no spots or patches are formed.

In case you end up in getting dark spots at some areas or patches, rub the area gently with a cotton ball dipped in an astringent to get rid of the dark area. Once tanned the effect remains up to 7 days.

The Author:

Naomi Andrews is an esthetician from Hawaii. She has been providing her customers satisfying treatments for sun damage and sun burns. In her practicing years she has had the opportunity to use various sunscreens and self tanning products.

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