Grape Growing in Pots

Grape Growing in Pots

Even if you have a small backyard, you can always have a grapevine which will supply your family’s fruit requirements if you will do grape growing in pots. Many people with limited home space or are living in urban areas do this kind of home gardening and are successful in doing so. The things you need are pots, vines, scissors and loam soil.

The method of grape growing in pots originated out of the need to produce grapes the whole year round. This has given people an idea to engage in grape production with the use of pots or containers.

The grape varieties that can thrive well in pots are the Delight or Early Muscat – both belonging to the white grape variety and the Beauty seedless as well as the Emperor, a red grape variety. Some of the vinifera varieties that won’t thrive well in grape growing in pots are the Thompson seedless and Flame seedless varieties.

You need pruned stems of about 12-18 inches, cut straight at the bottom and slanting on the top. Soak the vines in water for a few minutes before planting them. Make sure a node is above the soil and plant the vine’s flat end down.

One advantage of growing grapes in this manner is that you can transfer your plant to a good location during adverse weather condition. Lots of sunshine is very essential to grape production, so position your plant in a location where they will receive adequate amount of sunlight and aeration. It is okay for the root system to be shielded from the sun but not with the upper portion of the plant. The sun is what makes your plant produce healthy fruits and vines.

Fill your pot with good silt loam soil. If your soil is healthy you only need minimal fertilization for your vines to grow well. If you can use organic fertilizer, so much the better. Your family will be safe and healthier. With regards to trellis management, you can make one or if you have posts or pillars at your home, they could be used to support the vine.

Small pots can absorb the sun’s heat very quickly and dry out, so it is better to plant your vines in a much bigger container that will allow the full development of the grapevine’s root system. One thing to remember in grape growing in pots is that broad and narrow is better. A pot 15-20 inches deep and 30-35 inches wide is fine.

Aside from the ease of maintaining your grapevine at the comforts of your home, once they start to grow in trellis and in full bloom, they can be very beautiful to look at. What a relaxing experience also to pick your grapes directly from your home garden as they start producing fruits.

A very important reminder and a must thing to do is to prune the vines because if not, they won’t be able to produce fruits.

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