Ground Coffee and Its Many Uses

The blissful aroma of that freshly ground coffee every morning, wakes me up pleasantly and eases me into the daily routine. Not only does ground coffee create the drink of all time, but it also has many uses. Here a few of its many uses.

1. Fertilize your plants.

Don’t throw out those old coffee grounds. They are full of nutrients that the acid loving plants require. Fertilize the evergreens, camellias, rosebushes, rhododendrons and azaleas to name a few. Ground coffee from a drip coffee maker is better than the boiled grounds from a percolator as it is richer in nitrogen.

2. Deodorize the Freezer.

After the freezer has failed or just to get rid of freezer smells, fill a few bowls with fresh or used coffee grounds and place them in the freezer overnight. You could also add a few drops of vanilla to the ground coffee for a flavored coffee scent.

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3. Keep worms alive.

Adding a cup of used coffee grounds will keep your bait worms alive and wiggling all day. Mix the grounds into the soil in your bait box and then add the worms. They enjoy coffee as much as we do and the nutrients in the grounds will keep them alive longer.

4. Clean your fireplace.

Before you clean the ash out of your fireplace, sprinkle it with wet coffee grounds and the dust and ash will not pollute the atmosphere of the room.

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5. Keep cats out of the garden.

Spread a mix of orange peels and used coffee grounds around your plants. Not only does it act as a great fertilizer, cats will not consider your garden as a toilet anymore.

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