Avocado Remedies

I didn’t see an avocado until I came to California. The first time I tasted it, however, I liked it. In fact, I planted a tree just so I could have them on a regular basis…they can be pricey at the supermarket.

Having this huge tree has meant I’ve had to discover ways of using quite a few of this fruit, and one can only eat so many of them. Fortunately, they have multiple uses in alternative remedies.

Improve Hearing: Eating avocados may improve hearing. This is in part due to the high amount of B vitamins.

Improve Cholesterol Numbers: The fruit won’t prevent cholesterol from being formed, but it can cause you to be satisfied with far less animal fat. It is high in monounsaturated fat, which is heart healthy. It, being plant based, has no cholesterol.

Skin Care: The high fat content makes the flesh a good substitute for hand lotion, shaving cream and even as a sunburn remedy. It can also be used as a massage lotion.

Other Uses: A paste of the pulp can be used to fight hemorrhoids, act as a laxative and even benefit women with menstrual flow problems. Acne and other skin problems could benefit from the fresh paste as well.


Fruit or Vegetable? Though many call it a vegetable, it is actually a fruit.

High in Cholesterol? While it is high in fat, it has no cholesterol. Only animal products contain that.

Tree ripened? Nope, trust me. You have to pick them and let them sit for a minimum of four days before they are edible. In my tree, it takes closer to a week for them to soften.

Ripen in a Bag: That’s an old wive’s tale. It won’t hurt them to be in the bag, but it’s not needed. It’s better if you leave them where you’re able to see them. If you’re like me, out of sight is out of mind.

Refrigeration? We’ve been told over and over that they can’t go in the fridge. Like the paper bag, it’s not so. You can refrigerate them, but it does shorten their shelf-life. If you only use half the avocado, leave the pit in and cover it with plastic wrap to prevent oxidation. You do have to have them out of the fridge a couple of days before you can eat them.

It is true that you can put lemon juice to keep oxidation at bay, though I don’t care for the flavor mix very much. This amazing berry is as useful as it is yummy.

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