Growing Lavender Indoors

Growing Lavender Indoors

When getting ready for growing lavender indoors, be certain that you have selected a good variety of lavender for inside planting. French lavender just might be the best for this. It may not have the pleasant aroma you desire, but it grows best in the house. You just might want to purchase a started plant rather than trying to begin from seed.

Prepare a nice habitat for your fresh lavender plant. Buy a average potting mix and use it. Select a large pot. Lavender likes plenty of space to develop. You may need to add a little sand to the mix to help drainage.

Regular watering is important for growing lavender indoors. It wants a even supply of water, but not daily watering. Only water lavender when the soil is totally dry. Following watering be sure the soil is wet, but not a slurry of mud. Check the soil at least daily.

Lavender wants to get sufficient man-made light or sunlight to achieve its complete potential. It loves light and would like to be in full light all day. But you don’t want to overheat your lavender in too much light. In colder climates, you probably need to keep it away from windows to keep the lavender from getting chilled. Be wary of cold spots in your home.

When the climate is nice, take the lavender outdoors into a nice protected sunny spot. Since this is an indoor plant, it won’t be ready for outdoor life, so make sure it has shelter and take it back in. If it is going to get too cool at night, then bring it in. Some people will actually plant the lavender for the summer and re-pot it in the winter months. You will have to decide which way works better in your climate.

Growing lavender indoors can have a difficult learning curve, but in the long run should be a pleasure. You will have this herb at hand for any use you desire. Maybe you need a stress relieving tea, or just enjoy the bouquet of lavender. Keep trying until you get it. You can figure out the correct technique. You will be happy with the results.

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