Help for Mild Skin Conditions

Help for Mild Skin Conditions

I have a tip to add for those readers suffering from eczema, psoriasis or any mild skin condition (including mild cases of acne).

Make a strong pot of redbush/rooibos tea and add it to your bath. Alternatively, you can apply a cooled used rooibos teabag to the affected area and let the tea dry on the skin, no rinsing.

Rooibos has brilliant anti-inflammatory and healing properties and is starting to gain recognition world wide. It is healthier than Green Tea as it is caffeine free and very low in tannin and has more anti-oxidants than green or black tea.

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Angie Marker

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  1. Eczema or Fungus on Humans or Pets

    I went back to an old remedy my mother used on me as a child. We lived way out in the swampy woods of SW Florida, and since I was always barefoot, I would get ground itch on my feet.

    My mother would fill a tub with hot water, and add powdered Tide laundry soap, just enough to make a tub full of bubbles for me, and add 2 capfuls, (the cap of the bleach bottle), not cup, of Clorox bleach.
    Never burned at all, but that bath took care of ground itch, rash of eczema, any kind of skin or nail fungus, without leaving a smell.

    It’s also good to add a cap of bleach, or even just a few drops, to a pets bath water, helps greatly to give pets relief from itchy, smelly skin infections. Again I stress it is CAP full, NOT cup! And don’t get into eyes.

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