Home Head Lice Remedies to Kill Lice

Home Head Lice Remedies to Kill Lice

Lice are often found in the hair of children, but they can also be acquired by adults as well. This infection is extremely contagious and can be easily transmitted through head-to-head contact. Although lice do not bring any specific diseases, they can be very irritating as they may cause itching particularly when they are running around the scalp.

Lice are found on the scalp because they feed on human blood. Female lice can lay 6 to 7 nits per day. The nits usually hatch on an average of 7 to 10 days later and take 8 to 9 days to mature and start laying nits again. The nits are glued on the hair shaft. Due to their size and fast cycle, head lice can reproduce quickly.

Home Head Lice Remedies

There are various head lice treatments that can be found in  your local pharmacy. These products often contain insecticides or other chemicals that may be harmful, particularly to children. This is the reason why most households prefer natural home head lice remedies when it comes to treating a head lice infestation. These home head lice remedies may include:


One of the best ways to get rid of lice and nits is by using a fine-toothed comb. These combs are made especially for head lice removal and are available in the market. This process requires patience on the part of the parent and the child. When combing, divide the hair into sections and tie all other sections using a clip or a pin. Leave one section untied and comb through it to remove nits and lice on one area first. After the first stroke, make sure to wash the comb or wipe it to remove the lice and repeat the process on the other sections. After each combing session, make sure to wash the comb in warm, soapy water for about 15 minutes. Repeat the combing process every 7 to 10 days at least 3 to 4 times to make sure that all lice and nits are completely eliminated.

Vinegar and Mayonnaise

Other effective home head lice remedies can contain a combination of these two. To start the treatment, apply a handful of mayonnaise onto the scalp and hair, from roots to tips, and cover with a shower cap. Leave it for at least 4 to 5 hours. This is to make sure that the lice are smothered and that they are killed. After doing so, rinse the hair with vinegar. Repeat the same process after 7 to 10 days and do this at least 3 to 4 times to make sure that the lice are completely eliminated.

Garlic paste and Lime Juice

Combine 1 teaspoon of garlic paste and 1 teaspoon of lime juice. Mix it well and apply it into the hair and scalp. Leave this on for at least 30 minutes and then wash the hair.

Other Home Head Lice Remedies

Other natural home lice remedies may include the use of various essential oils as treatment for lice infestation. This may include tea tree oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, olive oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil and coconut oil.

But above all, the best remedy is prevention. To do this, avoid using the personal stuff of another person, such as combs, towels, hats, hair accessories, etc. You should not share your personal belongings with other people as well. Aside from that, make sure to avoid head-to-head contact with anyone, especially if you know that the person is infested with lice and nits.

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