Home Manicure, Home Pedicure

Home Manicure, Home Pedicure

When you need to do manicure or pedicure at home, it is very important to have knowledge of it in general, and the requirements in particular. If you feel the need of a system of manicure / pedicure and wandering, then the following mentioned system would be of great help to you. So for creating a perfect manicure / pedicure system at home, you will need the followings:

* 1 pack of cotton balls
* 1 polish remover
* 1 emery board
* 1 nail trimmer
* 1 cuticle remover
* 1 bottle fingernail polish
* 2 toe separators
* A couple of paper towels

Now you definitely would be interested to know, how the above mentioned items will help you in doing manicure / pedicure.

Nail Polish Removing:

Take cotton balls as many as you need them, soak each finger well with nail polish remover, so that your fingernails true color start appearing. Use a very less quantity of nail polish remover to remove the nail polish. Since nail polish is extremely drying, never soak the nail in it, especially the cuticle. Keep the good contacts of your nails with the nail polish.

Soaking and Removing Cuticles:

Your cuticle is like a fore skin. It is found at the bottom of your nail, where finger nail cartilage and skin meets. To remove cuticle, soak your nail in warm water for 3 minutes or less. Now use cartilage remover to push the cuticle down.

Trimming Your Fingernails:

To trim out toenails, use nail clippers. To reshape or shorten nails, simply use nail clippers. If your nails are hard, soak them in water before trimming. If you have soft nails, do not trim after bathing or washing, because in doing so you may cause damage, which sometime may lead to infection. Do not cut too short toenails, because doing so increase the chances of developing ingrown toenails.

Filling Nails:

Use emery board to make your fingernails smooth and good looking. You can use emery board to smoothen the ends of your fingernails. Do not use emery board to scrap your natural nail surface at all. This will make the nails surface rough.

Exfoliating and Moisturizing Hands and Feet:

Now use sugar wash to massage your feet, legs, arms and feet. Rinse your hands first and then use pumice stone to rub away callus and other rough surfaces on the bottom of your feet. Now, rinse the scrub of your feet and legs. Now, use moisturizer or some other soothing cream for your hands and feet that may heal a cracked and rough dry skin.

Polishing Nails:

Remove excess moisturizer using polish remover. Polish your nails and dry them between coats, preferably minimum of four coats. If you have weak or brittle nails, place one or two coats of ridge filling nail polish on the nail as base coat to shore up the nail. Two coats of a colored nail polish are next, followed by a topcoat to add luster. Use foam toe separators to fingers, while polishing. Allow drying the polish.

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  1. Homemade Foot Deordorizer – Boil some water in a pot, add several bags of regular black tea. Let it steep for 10 minutes. Let the tea cool a little but still warm. Pour into a large bowl or pot (large enough to hold both feet) and then soak your feet in the tea for 20 minutes. Dry thoroughly afterwards. No more stinky feet!

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