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Gardening How-To

Gardening Under Cover – Protect Your Plants with Cloches

Build this simple cloche with just a little expense and a bit of carpentry skill, you can add months to your gardening pleasure.

Water Efficient Gardening – Xeriscaping

Before you begin to plant, be sure to prepare the soil to provide nutrients and moisture in order for the plants to thrive.

Build your own Worm Farm (Vermicomposting): Step-by-Step Instructions

You can use vermicomposting in any garden project or for any plant in your house to enrich the soil and ensure healthy plant growth. The following is a "HOW TO" guide to creating your own vermicomposting farm.

How to Start a Garden – Irrigation Tips

When you are learning how to start a garden, irrigation is another major consideration. You have options, starting with a sprinkler can, which is better for indoor or smaller gardens, or you can use a garden hose, preferably with a spray nozzle, you can use a portable lawn sprinkler, a soaker hose, a trickle or drip system, or an automatic drip system. There are a few things to consider when you're deciding which type of watering equipment you will need.

5 Easy Steps to an Old Fashioned Cottage Garden

Cottage garden style is a casual, colorful, easy, beautiful and cheerful celebration of flowers and herbs.

Using Herbs as Companion Plants

Companion planting is an effective and natural way to protect your garden from insect pests and promote healthy growth among all your plants.

Preparing a Vegetable Plot

Once you have decided on the best position for your vegetable plot and how you are going to grow them, be it in raised beds, containers or on open ground, there are a few jobs you need to do before you can start growing.

Gardening by The Phases of The Moon

Ancient farmers would have planned the growing year on their land by the weather and the moon's cycle would have helped them in this.

How to Remove Stumps From Your Yard

For whatever reason the plant needed to be felled, by bearing these tips in mind stump removal doesn't need to be an overly laborious process.

Nifty and Thrifty General Garden Tips!

Some good old practical know-how and amazing money-saving, nifty alternative ways of growing plants and maintaining your garden.

The Herbalist’s Perfect Lawn

It's a discussion that has occurred on a regular basis in our household. What constitutes a weed? Is it any plant that is growing where it doesn't belong or is it a plant that has little to no useful value. You can probably guess which side I'm on.

10 Easy Ways to Create a Sacred Garden

Creating a Sacred Garden isn't difficult, but it does take some planning. Here are 10 easy ways to create that sacred space.
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