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Gardening How-To

The Many Ways of Plant Propagation

There are not just a few ways of propagating (or reproducing) plants, but many. A few of the most popular ways are explained here.

Planting by Natures Signs

Planting and planning a successful vegetable garden depends largely on the signals Mother Nature sends us.

Talking to Plants and Garden Conversations

Showering your plants with attention and conversation you could actually promote a healthy happy plant.

Raw Manure May Harm Your Plants

I hope organic gardeners will follow some of the guidelines presented in this article. These are basic ways to incorporate manures safely into your garden.

How to Save Your Garden Seeds

Most serious gardeners save seeds. It's easy, it's practical, and it will save you some money. Here are a few seed-saving tips.

Storing Seeds for Organic Home Gardening

Save and store your plant seeds for growing at a later time for when you decide to plant.

How and When to Divide Perennial Plants

Division is also a method for renovating the garden bed and planting more and more perennials. You can divide and plant plenty of new plants in the garden beds.

How to Make a Plant Dolly

The advantage of attaching a plant dolly to the planter is that you can move your beautiful containers and planters easily and place them wherever you want. They can be dragged indoors or in the patio for decorative purposes.

Making Organic Compost from Food Scraps

If you think food scraps in your kitchen such as coffee grounds, tea bags, stale bread, grains are useless, you're wrong. You can make organic compost from those scraps easily.

Baby Bloomers – Propagating Table

Here is an idea for an excellent cheap propagating table, which is at a good comfortable height for people with physical problems like arthritis.

First Time Gardener’s Advice

Most of us want that home-grown, healthy goodness that veggie and herb gardens provide, but sometimes it's hard to figure out just where to start.

How to Build a Waterfall for Your Garden Pond

Building a waterfall is easier than you think and will add a new dimension to your pool.
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