Baby Bloomers – Propagating Table

Here is an idea for an excellent cheap propagating table, which is at a good comfortable height for people with physical problems like arthritis. This can be put together by anyone out of cheap second-hand and or new materials, to suit yourself.

What you will need:

1 x Second hand baby change table, (one with pockets on the sides and a shelf under is best). Make sure it is good and steady on it’s legs.

1 x Board (ply, chipboard or timber), it really does not matter. As long as it is strong enough to support the weight of plants, pots, potting mix etc.

1 x plastic sheet (purchased by the length or a plastic painters drop sheet or even a cheap shower curtain will work. Whichever works best for you)

Set Up:

Set the table up in a shady area within easy access of the back door and a good water supply. Wrap the board in the plastic. Then put the board over the table. This should be set up out of weather to preserve the table and board. Sometimes it may be necessary to secure the board to the table with screws or clips or something. But do not secure the board too well, as you will need to change the plastic sheet every so often.

The plastic sheet/shower curtain assists in keeping the table and board from getting wet and also makes cleaning up the mess easier. This is because hygiene is important when working with babies of any sort, including young plants.

The reason for getting a change table with pockets, is to use the pockets for scissors, labels, pens, tie wire, seed packets, hand tools etc. These pockets are usually at a good convenient height to work at the table.

While having a table with a shelf underneath is good for positioning fertilizers, spare pots, peat, potting mix etc.

This is a good place to set up, organize and keep all those items you have stacked away in various parts of the home or shed. Because when you keep everything together in one place, it takes away half of the work you would have to do in propagating plants, as there is no setting up and putting away of everything after you have finished.

This is a good project or present idea, for family members of frail or disabled gardeners to assist them in continuing with their hobby and love of gardening.

So now there is no excuse for not getting out there and propagating or potting up to your hearts content.

The Author:

The Bare Bones Gardener is a qualified Horticulturist and a qualified Disability Services Worker. He hates spending money on stuff which doesn’t live up to the promises given. So he looks for cheaper, easier, simpler or free ways of doing the same thing and then he passes these ideas on to others.

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