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Do It Yourself Insect Repellents

Homemade natural insect repellent.

Mosquitoes in Your Garden? Try Planting These

While there are many things you can do to keep mosquitoes away, there are some plants that will beautify your yard and help repel mosquitoes.

Understanding Weeds – How to Kill them?

I often feel sorry for weeds. They are plants too. In fact, if you flipped through a botany field guide, you may be surprised at the plants you find classified as weeds! But simply put, a weed is really defined as a plant out of place.

Natural Control of Flowering Plants’ Insect Pests

By using the natural control, you’re protecting our environment reduce chemical pollution and poisoning which is the major cause of human and animal illness worldwide.

Plant Inspection

When you are purchasing plants, trees & shrubs you should follow this guideline to ensure you are buying a healthy plant.

Three Common Plant Diseases Caused By Bacteria

Bacteria can infect any one of the trees in your garden, causing mild to extreme damage. This can be avoided by proper care of the plants and promptly treating any suspected infection.
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