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Repel Cats from Your Garden – Seven Organic Ideas

Need to repel cats from a vegetable or flower bed? Try these organic gardening ideas.

Toxic Plant List

The following plants may cause toxic symptoms when ingested. 14 ways to avoid plant poisoning.

Garden Pests – Tips on Keeping Them Out of Your Home and Garden!

How to keep insects out of your home or garden by using these natural deterrents.

Non-Toxic Slug Control

There are a number of tools that a gardener can use to combat slugs. Handpicking, traps, barriers, baits, & predators are just a few techniques. So, rather than shrugging off slug damage as inevitable, choose from the slug control menu and you'll be surprised by the results.

Luring Ladybugs into Your Garden

Not only do ladybugs feed on insect pests, especially aphids, but their bright coloring also brings cheer into the garden.

Praying Mantis – Friend or Foe?

Praying mantis have voracious appetites and will eat a variety of insects including aphids, grasshoppers, fruit flies, house flies, moths and crickets.

Natural Controls for The Evil Weevil

There are few garden pests that are as difficult to get rid of as this weevil but by targeting the young and vulnerable larvae and using a few cultural practices, gardeners can get good control of this nuisance.

Fungus Gnat and Damping-Off Control

Fungus gnats and damping-off are two afflictions that commonly affect gardeners. However, before you spend money on expensive chemicals, the solution to these problems may actually be much more low cost that you suspect.

Controlling Whitefly Naturally

The warm temperatures of the summer bring on a rush of new foliage growth, attracting a wide variety of pests. Whitefly, one of the most difficult pests to control, pose a special challenge to gardeners.

Beneficial Insects

Not all insects are harmful: Here are some beneficial insects.

Entomology – Pest Control

Learn how to control pests naturally using Mother Nature's own ingredients.

Do It Yourself Insect Repellents

Homemade natural insect repellent.
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