Tips to Make Natural Mosquito Repellent

Tips to Make Natural Mosquito Repellent

A very common insect in the family is a Mosquito which is famous for spreading dispersal of many diseases like malaria, fever and other contagious diseases. Natural insect repellents have become popular in recent years and you can make it very easily with home ingredients. The insect repellent is safe and effective, plus it costs much less to make it than to buy it. Before applying any substance to your skin you should first test a small area to check for irritation.

Steps to Make Natural Mosquito Repellent

Kill mosquitoes with Lemon Joy. Put water in a white dinner plate and add a few drops of Lemon Joy dish soap. Place plate on patio and watch as mosquitoes drink solution and quickly die.

Make a mosquito spray with the mix of 1 1/4 teaspoon Rose geranium oil, 1 1/4 teaspoon Citronella oil with 1 cup 190-proof grain alcohol.

You can plant marigolds and lemon grass in your yard, which naturally repel mosquitoes.

Take a garlic pill every day during to summer to naturally repel mosquitoes.

Natural Mosquito Repellent Recipes

Buy a natural Aloe Vera gel product from your local store. For the recipe use use two cups of the aloe vera, Mix in a glass bowl or large glass jar, add the essential oils just approximate amounts if you wish, Stir in oils thoroughly, and as you do, the mixture will turn translucent rather than clear.

For use, just slather it on arms, legs, neck, face and ears, even clothing if you make sure it will not be affected by the oils. It would probably irritate the eyes although it is actually a healing gel too.

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