Homemade Facial Masks for Dry Skin

Homemade Facial Masks for Dry Skin

If your skin is dry, it requires a special treatment and gentle care. The methods I am going to reveal are the ones my grandmother and her grandmother used to practice when there were no facial masks at the shops. They just needed to use the knowledge of their ancestry and natural products that were available.

— Take granulated leaves of cabbage and boil them in milk till you get a stiff paste. Apply it to your face and neck. Leave for 20 minutes.

— Another recipe involves the previous one supplemented with sunflower seed oil and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

— Cut a summer squash into as thin slips as possible in the direction of the length of the vegetable. Put the slips on your face and neck. Leave for 20 minutes and afterwards wash the face and neck with unboiled milk. (rinse off)

— Infuse leaves of cabbage with a hot water to make them pulpy. Afterwards soak the leaves into oil and put them on your face and neck. After 20 minutes take the leaves off and wash the face with a warm decoction of camomiles.

— Grate or squeeze a tomato, add a hint of potatoes starch and mix it up till you get a homogeneous paste. Add some drops of vegetable oil. Apply the mask to your face and leave for 20 minutes. When the time has passed, wash the face with warm water.

— Squeeze some strawberries. Mix them with a teaspoon of sour cream and a teaspoon of honey. Leave the mask for 20 minutes. Afterwards wash the face with warm water.

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