Natural Dye for Red or Light Colored Hair

Natural Dye

I am a redhead. In the winter my hair darkens to almost auburn but with a lot of copper shades. Everyday in the summer I spend hours outside in the burning desert sun. Yes, I should wear a hat but..

My hair fades in summer then darkens back in the winter.

This summer I noticed some individual white hairs and several strands of gray hair mixed in with faded red colors.

Forget that! Not me!

Obviously no commercial hair dyes for me. Henna looks too much like commercial hair dyes, flat with no life.

I considered coffee but I like my red hair.

So I started researching hair needs. Zinc supplements kept coming up. I do not think highly of the safety, quality and expense of supplements in general and besides I was dealing mostly with sun fade.

As usually happens in research the answer magically appeared.

I opened a can of beets (beets, water, salt and sugar) for dinner.

Beets are high in assumable zinc.

Without pausing I poured the beet juice out of the can onto my hair. Instant curls!

I combed the hair and lightly wiped my face. The beet juice did not stain my face.

I let my hair dry. Combing it occasionally. The sugar felt like a light hair spray.

The colors were fantastic, not like beet juice color at all!

All over my hair was darker. Three times the first week I did this and then once every three weeks in the summer. None of the colors washed out, rubbed off on the pillowcase or sun faded.

Perfect! It works on all of your body hair, for men and women!

Then I got my dander up. Sugar? Yuck! Sniff, sniff, snort, snort and so strutting off to the store I go to get me canned beets without sugar.

Disaster! Warning: Use canned beets with sugar!

There were strong fuchsia highlights and my skin stained, sort of. The color rubbed off on the pillowcase and, Thank You God!, washed out the next day.

The sugar acts as a color fix-it-tive. Use canned beets with water, salt and SUGAR.

Good Bye Gray Hair!

Boost Hair Shine

The Author:

Rhondalyn Teel is a researcher and correlator of information, people, places and things, past and/or present. Her main interests are Farming, Ranching, Saving The World (even one person at a time), Prospecting and Family.


  1. Hi my name is Mary , I have thick shoulder length hair I have to dye my hair every two weeks ! It starts in front of my forehead really grey what would you advice me to do ? Please I need help:-(


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