Homemade Love Tonic (Cologne)

(Increases feelings of love, aphrodisiac)


3 drops sandalwood essential/fragrance oil
2 drops vanilla essential/fragrance oil
3 drops cedarwood essential/fragrance oil
15 drops bergamot essential/fragrance oil
1/2 pt (300ml) 70 percent alcohol or vodka


Directions: Pour the alcohol into a bottle or jar. Add the oils and shake well. Leave for 1 week. Go easy on this stuff. You can always make more!

The Author: PioneerThinking - Ingredient for a Simple Life

2 Responses

  1. Gigi

    No don’t drink anything with essential oils in it. I would use this recipe for a cologne only.

  2. Natasha

    Are you suppose to drink the homemade love tonic

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