How to Cook with a Charcoal Barbeque

While gas and electric grills have their advantages, cooking with a charcoal grill can deliver the best classic flame-broiled flavor. It can take a bit more effort though, so use these helpful tips from the Home Depot Canada to grill up meals that bring back the delicious smells and tastes from your childhood.

Clean the grates using a grill brush, then coat them with vegetable oil. This will help prevent food from sticking the next time you cook and can also help keep rust at bay.

Use a charcoal starter like the Weber rapid-fire chimney starter to heat up your coals. This grill accessory can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for your coals to heat up and does not require lighter fluid, so you won’t be compromising the smoky charcoal taste you’re craving.

When your coals are grey they’re reading for cooking, and one of the keys to getting great results is arranging them properly. When spreading the charcoal remember that the thinner the layer, the less heat they will provide.

Arrange charcoal using stainless steel tongs in a pile on the charcoal grate. If you want to cook with indirect heat, place charcoal to one side so the food can be seared over the coals first before being moved to the other side for the remainder of the cook time.

Control the heat by adjusting the airflow using the dampers located at the top and bottom of the grill. Opening the top damper lowers the temperature, opening the bottom raises it. Add more coals if the temperature doesn’t increase enough.

Soak a few handfuls of wood chips for 30 minutes and place them on the hot coals before cooking for a smoky flavor. There are so many options to choose from that will maximize your recipe versatility – from subtly sweet apple wood chips to classic bold flavors like hickory and mesquite.

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