I’ve had Rosacea for most of my life. I was officially diagnosed with it when I was in my late teens or early twenties but I had it probably since I was fifteen or sixteen. When I received my official diagnosis the dermatologist gave me all this stuff that I dutifully took for a few weeks. My Rosacea is fairly mild and suddenly I was in the middle of a terrible flare-up. I threw the items in the garbage and knew I needed another strategy.

Choosing Natural Rosacea Cures

I decided that the best approach would be to focus on natural skin care products for Rosacea and controlling it through diet and lifestyle. Here are some of the things I do to boost my skin health.

Drink plenty of water. If you stay well hydrated, your skin will thank you! Dry skin is irritating to Rosacea and water can help prevent excess dryness.

Eat healthy fats. Making sure your diet is rich in essential fatty acids is also a good strategy. For an extra boost, take evening primrose oil as a supplement (but check with your doctor first).

A healthy diet. My skin is filled with minor flare-ups at the moment because my diet has been terrible. It’s currently Christmastime and I’ve eaten way too much salt and too many cookies. Once I clean my diet up I know my skin will clear.

Natural Skin Care. I use the Clarins line for oily/combination skin and their really great daily sunscreen product. They have a sensitive line which I’ve tried but it doesn’t work on me. I’ve experimented with several lines and have determined that Clarins is the best for my skin. When you look for skin care, just make sure that the products are natural.

Aloe vera gel. This is a wonderful remedy for even the worst flare-ups. Just apply it to your skin over your moisturizer. You can use it for prevention as well. Aloe calms down any redness.

Rosewater. This is another great natural remedy. I usually use the toner that is part of the Clarins line. But when I have extra redness I substitute that for rosewater which helps calm down the capillaries.

Drink burdock root tea. This is another excellent suggest. Burdock is so helpful to the skin. Just brew the tea according to package instructions and drink a cup a day or so until the flare-up clears. Avoid using this as prevention, however, and definitely check with your doctor.

As you can see, I find that the best approach is to treat the Rosacea from the inside out. My Rosacea is not getting worse. In fact it looks better than it did at my original diagnosis. However, it is a good idea to see a dermatologist once in a while just to be safe.

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