How to Decrease Muscle Tensions with Natural Muscle Relaxants

Pharmaceutical muscle relaxants are usually drugs of choice for many muscle pain and spasm sufferers who rely very heavily on these strong spasmodic drugs which can often result to serious side effects. There is no question about the effectiveness of these drugs as relaxants; however, there are better and natural alternatives that many people seem to overlook.


A natural herb that has the medicinal relaxing effect which can serve as natural muscle relaxant in relieving all sorts of muscle pains and spasms. Valerian is a native herb to Asia and Europe which is used as sedative and alternative to benzodiazepine; it has calming effect that makes it powerful sedative in treating anxiety, stress, hysteria and cramps.


Chamomile is very popular as herbal tea and has been very popular in beverage industries for year for its calming effects and power to reduce anxiety and stress. It is believed that chamomile’s calming effect also promotes drowsiness and aid in a restful sleep. To relieve muscle stress and pains, Chamomile can be used for aromatherapy.


This herb is also used to treat auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and scleroderma. It has some antispasmodic properties which can help make bowel movements easy.

Cayenne pepper:

The herb known as guinea spice, or cayenne pepper are used in poultice as topical pain reliever.

Some other ways to relax your muscles:


Pampering has very effective calming effect on people, the olfactory or sense of smell is what makes pampering very effective in relieving muscle pains, spasms and stress. Slathering essential and relaxing oil like chamomile, lavender, and jasmine on the body relaxes the muscles progressively.


Muscle cramps and spasms may be caused by tensioned muscles. Proper stretching is one good way to loosen muscle tensions. Other examples of exercises that can help maintain and induce muscle flexibility for long time is, Yoga and Tai-Chi.


Maybe the easiest and most readily available natural muscle relaxant, massage relaxes the muscles, loosens muscle tightness, and decreases muscle pains and stress.

Unlike commercial and prescribed muscle relaxants, natural muscle relaxants have little to no side effects. It is a nutritional and dietary supplements that is inexpensive and readily available over the counter. Most natural muscle relaxers are recommended as an alternative to narcotics when temporary relief is needed. In addition, natural muscle relaxants are also used to treat other unrelated symptoms which most pharmaceuticals can’t do. They do, however, have similar characteristics. Like most pharmaceutical muscle-relaxers, natural herbs must be used seldom by pregnant women, the elderly and children. Consult with your physician or health professionals to determine if natural muscle relaxers are right for you.

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