Stop Smoking Today – The Simple Secret

Stop Smoking Today - The Simple Secret

There is a simple secret that will help you to finally stop smoking. After smoking for forty years with many attempts to stop, I finally discovered the secret. I stopped smoking immediately (70 to 80 Cigarettes a day) and apart from mild craving occasionally, I have never even contemplated lighting up again.

Smoking has became so unimportant in my life that I do not even remember when I decided to stop smoking, apart from the fact I know it was some years ago. It did not even require will power – or won’t power – or any trauma. Neither do I hate it when people smoke near me.

So what is the secret? No secret actually, but the prequalification to stop smoking is very important.

You Must Truly Want To Stop.

Unless you can convince yourself that you want to stop smoking, no advertisement, exhortation, medical proof or medical advice will sway you from your path of self destruction. I’ve been there.

Ignore the rubbish you tell yourself every day: withdrawal, craving, weight gain, foul moods and all the rest. None of this stuff happens outside of your brain, which is fighting to keep on smoking.

In any case your craving never lasts more than 3 minutes – FACT – if you can’t handle that, you don’t really want to stop smoking.

Having finally cracked the code, I truly feel immensely sorry for smokers – I know exactly how they are kidding themselves and ruining their lungs and their lives. Thank goodness I realized I wanted to stop.

The following herbs can help, but mind the poisonous warnings on some. But they won’t help you stop until you decide to do so yourself and stop worrying about the phantom craving you expect next week or month or year. It doesn’t happen.

St Johns Wort

An alternative to commercial anti-depressants, St John’s Wort is believed to increase the level of dopamine, which drops when smokers quit and thereby contributes to cravings.


Lobelia will reduce nicotine craving when you stop smoking. Extracts as well as dried lobelia are available. Lobelia contains lobeline – a nicotine substitute with many calming properties. Use of lobelia can be hazardous as it is a extremely toxic. Consult your physician before using lobelia. Lobelia is not addictive like nicotine, but like nicotine, too much can kill you.

Avena Sativa

Wild oat plant is the major source of avena sativa. It helps smokers give up nicotine and is used to treat insomnia, feelings of anxiety and nervous tension.

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica)

Gotu kola is useful in restoring memory loss caused by smoking and improves the blood circulation slowed by smoking.

Garcinia Cambogia

Effective in combating the unnatural desire to smoke observed in chain smokers. The hydroxycitric acid in garcinia cambogia helps in burning excess calories resulting in weight loss.

Mimosa Tea

Provides tranquility and buffers the anxiety and headache symptoms supposedly experienced after quitting smoking and used as an excuse to start again. Non addictive.

Korean Ginseng

Natural de-stressor which brings relief to bodily cravings and helps fight off tiredness and anxiety attacks. Good Luck.

The Author:

Pete Steel has grown herbs for 25 years in several different climates and soils.

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