Treat Postpartum Depression Naturally

Treat Postpartum Depression Naturally

Most people will tell you that having a baby is a joyous time. That there are few things in life that can compare to the elation that comes with having baby and becoming a mom… why then do you feel so down and depressed? The fact is that postpartum depression is more common than many want to admit. What’s more is that postpartum depression is completely treatable, and you can treat it naturally so that you can enjoy being a mom to your new baby.

Natural Supplements To Treat Postpartum Depression

Now, fish oils have been proved to help in this area. Yes, just taking a regular Omega 3 supplement helps to treat postpartum depression. The fatty acids in the Omega 3 helps to keep us happy and contented. That is their job. It is when our DHA fatty acid levels get low, that we may suffer from depression.

Effective Strategies To Deal With Postpartum Depression

Let Others Help

After you have returned home from the hospital, do not try to do everything by yourself. Allow the other family members to help you. Sometimes it may not seem like much, but give them the chance to do it. For example, if you have older children and you are changing the baby, but the baby’s cream is not where you are, instead of going to get it, ask your older child to bring it to you. The older child will be happy knowing that he/she is helping to take care of the baby.

Additionally, it will help to take away the pressure of doing everything yourself.

Take a Break

Do not try to do everything all at once and whatever you are doing and if you are tired, stop doing it. If you are washing dishes or perhaps using the computer, leave it alone. Take a break. If you do not want to sleep at that moment, you can simply sit in a chair doing nothing, for a little while.

Do not wait until you are exhausted to cry out for help, take heed to your tiredness and rest. Additionally, a loved one can take care of the baby for a little while so that you can take a break from the daily routine.

Also, try to exercise at least 3 times a week for a period of 30 minutes to treat postpartum depression. This will release endorphins in your brain and induce a natural high. Beside that, there are no bad side effects if done in moderation.

Try writing a journal. Sometimes writing down you feelings and thoughts will help you analyze what actions you need to take to make yourself feel better. Planning is important in helping with postpartum depression.

There are still other natural treatments for postpartum depression including mediation, yoga, and aromatherapy and music therapy. Ask yourself right now, if there was someone that would show you how to feel better so that you can be a better mom to your baby, would you listen to them? Postpartum depression is completely treatable, and you can treat it effectively naturally.

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