How to Enjoy Turmeric without Cooking

How to Enjoy Turmeric without Cooking

It’s safe to say that turmeric is the new kale. In the past few years, the brightly colored spice has become extremely popular and trendy, popping up in the form of wellness lattes at cafes and a typical ingredient in curries. Can you reap the benefits of turmeric if you don’t want to cook or don’t have access to a stove or oven? Definitely.

Read on to find out three ways to enjoy turmeric without cooking and see some interesting improvements in your health.

Why do you want to consume turmeric?

Here are some health benefits of this yellow spice:

– It fights cancer

– It helps with brain health

– It reduces inflammation

– It keeps your blood sugar steady and stable

The first way to enjoy turmeric without cooking is to make a simple version of the popular turmeric latte.

These drinks feature almond milk and either powdered turmeric or turmeric root. Some recipes include other flavors such as cinnamon and some sweeteners like honey or maple syrup but those are up to you.

Here’s how to get the turmeric benefits and make a simple version:

– Pour your desired milk into a cup (this could be a non-dairy milk such as almond, soy, hemp or coconut or cow’s milk)

– Measure about 1 teaspoon of dry turmeric spice (or use a pinch)

– Stir together with the additional ingredients of your choice

As you can see, heating this drink isn’t necessary to reap the turmeric benefits. The drink will be spicy and delicious and as a bonus, you’ll get some calcium from the milk.

If you want to increase the amount of turmeric that you use to 1 tablespoon, you should know that amount has 2.1 grams of fiber which has a number of benefits, the most important being that it helps with digestive health and keeping you regular.

The second way to enjoy turmeric without cooking would be to sprinkle some on your morning oatmeal or your dinnertime rice.

When experts discuss the benefits of consuming turmeric, they focus on one aspect of the spice called “curcumin.”

A 2003 study discovered that the curcumin in turmeric is not only great at reducing inflammation in the body but also is an antioxidant and has both antifungal and antiviral benefits as well.

Two teaspoons of turmeric has 17 percent of your daily recommended value of manganese, a mineral that is useful for keeping your blood sugar levels stable and helps with bone health. Oats also have this mineral, so if you sprinkle some of this bright spice on your oatmeal, then you will be consuming an adequate amount of manganese.

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The third and final way to consume turmeric without cooking? You can make tea using the turmeric root.

Here’s all that you have to do:

– Boil some water

– Add turmeric root

– Add some honey if you want since it will have an extremely strong taste

– Seep the tea for several minutes

– Throw away the root before drinking if you want

Experts say that turmeric could stop heartburn or help if you suffer from indigestion, so it’s a good idea to include this spice in your diet on a regular basis if you have some digestion problems. There’s scientific evidence about this, too: a 1989 study tested both a placebo and turmeric on people who were dealing with indigestion and heartburn. The subjects who were given turmeric found relief.

So as you can see, it’s completely possible to include turmeric in your diet without even needing to heat it up. Your digestion, inflammation levels, and blood sugar will definitely thank you.

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  1. I love these suggestions. This is great. I’ve been trying to source Honey turmeric mask and I can use it in my beauty routine too. The homemade Honey mask has helped me remove my acne. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m so glad you found these suggestions helpful! The honey turmeric mask is indeed a great addition to your beauty routine. It’s fantastic to hear that it has helped you remove acne as well. You’re very welcome for sharing the article. Enjoy incorporating turmeric into your daily routine!

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