How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath

How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath

Garlic forms an integral part of several recipes and excluding it from the list of ingredients can turn your dish bland. However, you cannot deny the fact that eating garlic also results in bad breath. How many of you know that garlic breath comes out from your lungs and not mouth? Actually, garlic contains a gas called allyl methyl sulfide or AMS. The gas is absorbed by the blood and when the entire garlic metabolism takes place, it reaches the lungs and eventually the mouth, thus causing halitosis or bad breath. At times, you might have experienced a garlicky smell from your body after you consumed a lot of Italian food. This is because the gas exhales through your skin pore in the form of sweat. Now, are you planning to drop out garlic from your dishes to save yourself from the embarrassment? Wait a minute. In this article, we have suggested a few means by which you can mask the nasty odor without sacrificing garlic from your dishes. Just read on and get rid of the odor.

Getting Rid Of Garlic Breath:

  • After you are done with your garlic-content meal, chew fresh parsley for some time. The high chlorophyll content present in parsley aids in removing the toxins like hydrogen sulfide from the body. Hydrogen sulfide is formed after AMS breaks down during the metabolic process. It emanates the same foul smell as that of a rotten egg.
  • Pop in a sprig of fresh herbs like peppermint, coriander, spearmint, tarragon, eucalyptus, rosemary and cardamom. These are said to work in a similar way that parsley works. By removing toxins like hydrogen sulfide from the body, you can get rid of the foul garlic smell and breathe fresh.
  • Either sucking lemon juice or simply chewing its peels is believed to remove garlic breath. Since lemon juice is often used to remove garlic smell from the hands, it is considered that it would also be beneficial in eliminating garlic breath.
  • Several experiments have proved the fact that eating about six ounces of yoghurt can reduce the level of hydrogen sulfide in the body significantly, hence reducing garlic breath as well.
  • Green tea can help reduce the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the mouth and hence eliminate garlic breath. Once you are done with your meal, just drink a cup of green tea to divest yourself of the bad breath.
  • Just like parsley and other natural herbs, chewing cardamom seeds is a good remedy to get rid of garlic breath.
  • Restaurants often serve fennel seeds after meals, which help in neutralizing the smell of garlic. Keep a pack of fennel seeds with you to resolve the problem of bad breath after consuming garlic.
  • Brushing your teeth well for at least two-three minutes at a stretch can also help reduce garlic breath significantly.
  • Using a mouthwash is another option to mask garlic breath, if not remove it entirely. Mouthwash containing essential oils like tea tree oil, peppermint oil or lemon oil work to reduce the effect of volatile sulfur compounds in the mouth.
  • Chewing gums, especially those containing peppermint can also aid in reducing garlic breath. Even breath mints also help in temporarily masking the bad breath odor, arising due to chewing of garlic.
  • The smell of garlic increase when something hot is consumed. So, to eliminate its effect, try eating something cold like an ice-cream.
  • The strong flavor of wine can also help reduce garlic breath. Sip a glass of red wine and get rid of garlic breath.

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