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A sore throat is usually attendant upon a cold and cough either as a result of tonsils being swollen or an infection and irritation in the throat which can also lead to earache. It can, however, be caused by other illnesses, by tiredness or by too much speaking or shouting. It can also be the result of sleeping on your back with your mouth wide open or of smoking. Most old-fashioned remedies rely heavily upon gargling; sucking throat pastilles (this increases the flow of saliva and makes the throat more comfortable) and keeping the neck and throat warm. Most of the remedies given for chest infections and colds will improve this uncomfortable condition.

Gargles and Drinks – Home Remedies for Sore Throat

The correct way to gargle is to take a mouthful of the chosen solution, tilt the head back and, making sure that the liquid is right at the back of the throat, roll it in an ‘ahh-hh-hh’ sound. Tilting your head back and making a noise will close the throat and stop you swallowing. Gargle well for a good few seconds then spit out.

Sage Gargle

Make a tea with 25g (1oz) fresh sage to 600ml (1 pint) of water and add ¼ teaspoon of cayenne. Leave to stand until cool. Strain through a fine sieve before using. One of the good home remedies for sore throat.

Red Sage Tea

Infuse 1 teaspoon of dried red sage in 1 cup of boiling water. Cover and leave for 10 minutes then strain and add a dash of vinegar. The tea, without the vinegar, can also be drunk ½ cup at a time four times a day. One of the useful home remedies for sore throat.

Thyme Tea

Use both to gargle with and to drink.

Blackcurrant or Blackberry Jam

Either of these in a cup of hot water and strained before using is a good emergency gargle. So are blackcurrant juice and blackcurrant jelly, shrub, cordial or vinegar diluted in a cup of boiling water, with or without cinnamon added. They can all be used to gargle with and then drunk.

Lemon Juice

Lemon and honey taken hot at night will do much to cure a sore throat and is one of the best remedies. Many people spray the back of the throat with neat lemon juice in an atomizer – you could try the same thing for children but use pure, fresh orange juice instead. One old-fashioned remedy suggests compresses of lemon to the throat. Take plenty of lemon or orange drinks made fresh as you need them, particularly lemon barley.

Cayenne and Vinegar

Mix together 1 teaspoon of cayenne, 2 teaspoons of sea salt, 2 teaspoons of vinegar and 300 ml (1/2 pint) of warm water and use to gargle. Vinegar and warm water or salt diluted in warm water are old-fashioned gargles which always work well.

Glycerine and Thymol

Use 1 part of this compound to 3 parts of warm water as a gargle.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Add 1 dessert spoon to ½ tumbler of warm water and gargle. one of the simple home remedies for sore throat.

Whisky and Warm Water

To be gargled with then drunk. Many people prefer to forego the water.

Syrup of Figs

Dilute 1 teaspoon in ½ cup of hot water and drink after gargling. There are a great many complex remedies, particularly from abroad, which use figs a great deal for curing a sore throat.


The juice of fresh pomegranates is good to gargle with then to drink.

Safeguards and Sweeteners

Neck scarves

All parents know that if you have a sore throat you must keep your neck warm.

Garlic Oil

Garlic oil, olbas oil or the essential oils of lemon, geranium, hyssop, sage or thyme Diluted in almond, sunflower or olive oil these should be rubbed into the throat then covered with a warm scarf. They can also be dropped on to boiling water and the vapors inhaled through the open mouth.

Toast Soaked in Hot Vinegar

The softened soggy toast should be sucked then swallowed.

Walnut Husks Stewed in Honey

The strained syrup cures sore throats and tickly coughs.

Sunflower Oil

One teaspoon taken neat cures sore throats and also works for loss of voice.

Sweet Suckers

Most good quality natural or herbal throat pastilles will bring relief. So will barley sugar and butterscotch but best of all are your own homemade fruit pastilles.


Tinned tomatoes with vinegar sprinkled on them are one of the foods that children with painful throats can get down. Simmer them in a little olive oil and garlic and put them through a sieve if the pips are going to be troublesome.


Chew the candied stems of angelica to counteract a sore throat, but not just before bed-time as angelica is a mild stimulant and may keep you awake.

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  1. I gargle with room temp raw ACV watered down a little and then just drink it. Gargling with it helps a sore throat too…will have to try to warm with honey.

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