How to Make a Wild Flower Cake Topper

How to Make a Wild Flower Cake Topper

You know those pieces of the plastic bride and groom that are on the top of the wedding cake? What if I told you there was a different way? Something that you could build yourself and bring nature into the wedding. Or if you are having an outdoor theme then you can continue with it on your wedding cake.

That is you can make your own cake topper.

It is easy to make your own cake topper out of flowers. If you can pick some flowers, have some tape and a pair of scissors you can do this. It will be unique to you. Cheaper. And of course, continue your rustic feel of your wedding.

Where to Get Your Flowers

You can get your flowers from a florist who specializes in wildflowers. Or if you know where you can legally pick, you can pick your own. I’m not a lawyer so I’m not going to tell you what is legal and not when it comes to your flowers to pick.

If you can, pick flowers that match your colors. This will help tie the cake to the rest of your wedding. And you might also want to pick up some baby’s breath or similar type flowers to bring some variety to the flowers.

Assemble The Cake Topper

Making a flower cake topper is not hard. Anybody including someone as clumsy as me can do it. Take your flowers and cut the stems so that they are shorter but roughly equal in length. Next, start arranging the flowers in a little bouquet or circle. Take your baby’s breath and put them around the sides. Wrap the stems with tape so that they will stay together and won’t shift around when you put them on the cake. Put the flowers in water until you’re ready to decorate the cake.

It’s great if you want to DIY your own wedding decorations. Or have a rustic theme. It is easy to carry this through to your cake. By getting your own wildflowers. Whether you pick them yourself. Or from a florist. This provides a cheap and easy set of ingredients for you to make your own cake topper. With some scissors and some tape, you can then put your own cake topper together. I hope using these tips you can see how easy it is to make your own wildflower cake topper.

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