How to Make Henna?

How to Make Henna?

How to make Henna? It is very easy to make henna paste, but for that we have choose a good henna powder. You have to get the freshest powder possible, as we need good power for good henna design. Henna powder must be stored in cooled place away from sunlight.

· Look for freshness and color.

· Try several types of henna to find what you like best.

· Stringy henna needs less sugar or honey, smoother hennas should have more.

· Even on your hair, you should use body art quality henna. Hair quality contains less dye, and you may end up with more orange than red in your hair.

Talking about Henna & Ingredients

The henna must also be fairly fine. The tip of the applicator should not be blocked. The henna must have fresh green in color and aromatic. Henna that is stale and has no smell will not work for dying the skin. Slight acid has been needed to make henna. The basic ingredients are to add henna and lemon juice, but many people prefer to use other ingredients. Clove is most effective, and the other ingredients which are used are of various essential oils. The most commonly used is eucalyptus, but camphor, lavender, lemon, clove, and other oils are also used.

1. Get good quality sifted henna powder in a bowl and adds two table spoons of honey

2. Shake the bottle of lemon juice and begin stirring it into your henna bowl.

3. Cover the bowl and keep in warm place.

4. After a couple of hours check the henna bowl, which the upper layer has a brown shade. If it is so then is ready for use.

5. Mix some essential oils this will help to smooth the paste and helps to dye your skin. Lavender is good for sensitive skin, while clove bud should only be used on those that aren’t sensitive. The best oils are tea tree, ravensara, and cajeput. You can add other oils just for the scent, as long as they are skin safe.

6. Henna needs 4-24 hours to release its dye. So after setting it, we can use it on your skin.

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