Preliminary Tips for Henna Care

Preliminary Tips for Henna Care

Henna imparts different looks to different people. Darkness of henna depends upon the body chemistry, temperature and part of the body.  Henna body art is not an exact science. Due to many variations, everyone stains differently. Hands and feet, having drier skin, stains much darker than the softer skin on upper arm and back.

After getting henna application, it is extremely important to look after it well to get the best possible result. Following are some after care instructions that will prolong art of henna. The use of these tips will look great and last for as long as it possibly can.

Prior Tips for Henna Application

Always sit in a comfortable position to avoid re-arrangement of yourself.

Avoid too many coffee or cold drinks, because the Caffeine in these drinks will stimulate your hand to shake.

Henna is a strong dye and can ruin clothes. Hence, try not to get henna on clothes.

Even if the cloth gets any spot of henna, wash it of immediately with soap and water.

Let the dry henna flake off naturally. Never wash the dry henna off your skin.

Henna is never black. It imparts red to brown stain which will last from 5-10 days approximately.

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Aftercare for Prolonged Dark Henna

Do not pick your henna paste off early.

Avoid water contact for at least 24 hours if possible

Don’t allow direct sunlight when the henna design is still developing.

Re-wet the paste several times with lemon juice.

Apply Vaseline or an alternative oil-based lotion like olive oil, while bathing or swimming.

Avoid anything that contains chlorine, mainly cleaners and pool water.

Avoid contact with any abrasives.

Do not scrub your skin while bathing. Just wash it gently with mild soap.

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