How to Make Your Own Vintage Christmas Cards

How to Make Your Own Vintage Christmas Cards

pink frosted Christmas tree, a family inside a jalopy, Santa Claus’ smiling face, holly and mistletoe, angels and puppies by a frosted window, these are only a few images that can be found on a vintage Christmas card. We should all take the time to appreciate how these cards were made. Unlike the commercial ones we see neatly packed in shiny boxes in bookstores or gift shops, previous cards were made delicately by hand and are unique. As modernization came upon us, Christmas cards became easy to produce by machines.

Whether you just want to save money or give a gift that feels more unique and personal, you are probably looking for some really creative homemade Christmas gift ideas. If that’s the case, then here are some great homemade Christmas gift ideas to consider.

This Christmas, a holiday treat would be to bring back an old tradition of making your own vintage Christmas card.

#1 Pick out materials you can use for your card. Basic things would be colored papers, color markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, old newspapers or magazines, watercolors and glue. You can include glitter dust, foil, stencils, tracing materials and even vintage image cut-outs.

#2 Start cutting your card into squares or to whatever shape you wish. You can have it shaped like an angel or a Christmas tree. Sketch a simple image for starters or cut out a picture you can use as the centerpiece of your card. From there, you can add some holiday greetings or you can leave it purely full of images of Christmas old.

#3 Color your card to finish the design. You may use watercolor, pastel crayons, poster paints or plain crayons. Adding extra accessories like glitter or yarns to make it look prettier is up to you. You can then look for a simple poem on Christmas as a message inside the card or a personal note can be written.

Christmas is the season for giving and sending your loved ones a handmade vintage Christmas card is a message they will surely appreciate. It is a simple thought of love, kindness and best wishes for family and friends in the best holiday season of the year.

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