How to Prep Your Cottage or Cabin for The Season

How to Prep Your Cottage or Cabin for The Season

Fun summer days are just around the corner. But before you can enjoy all the cottage or cabin has to offer, there are some essential tasks that need to be completed. Make the opening process as smooth as possible by checking these steps off the to-do list.

Have Utilities Turned On

If any of your utilities, such as water or gas, need to be turned on by a professional, be sure to make arrangements ahead of time. This is also a good time to plan for an inspection of the septic tank if you have one.

Pack The Essentials

Make a list and check it twice when it comes to packing for your first trip. You’ll want to include everything from a first-aid kit to bottled water. Other essentials include a tool kit, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, linens, batteries and chargers, as well as flashlights, matches and lighters, garbage bags and most importantly, all the keys you’ll need to open everything up.

Check for Damage, Mould and Mildew

Before going inside your cabin, do a walk around the perimeter, checking for broken windows, damage caused by pests or anything else that looks different from how you last left it. Once you go inside, open windows and doors to air the place out, checking for and cleaning mould and mildew.

Recreational Safety

Cottages are meant for being outside and having fun. But before going ATVing, boating, fishing or hunting, you’ll want to be properly prepared. Ensure life jackets are in good condition and in an easily accessible location. Tune up any ATVs, boats or other recreational vehicles, and if you hunt or shoot, it’s important that guns are properly cleaned and ready to go before a hunting or sport shooting trip. Remember that you must follow all the same safe storage requirements at the cottage as you would at home.

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