How to Reduce Intestinal Gas Naturally

How to Reduce Intestinal Gas Naturally

It’s something no one ever talks about, but it’s one of the most common digestive problems that people experience. It’s called intestinal gas and it happens to everyone.

According to the National Institute of Health, most people produce about 1 to 3 pints of gas in a day, and pass gas about 14 times in 24 hours. Although it’s not a life threatening condition, having gas can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Understanding the causes and ways to reduce symptoms can help most people find some relief.

Some of The Following Strategies are Suggested for People Who Want to Reduce Intestinal Gas:

* Cut down on certain foods. One major cause of intestinal gas is what we eat and drink. Although everyone is affected differently, the foods that cause problems are usually those high in fiber or carbohydrates, which are hard to digest.

Some of the culprits include beans, peas, whole grains, cabbage, grapes, plums, raisins, corn, onions, soft drinks, red wine and beer. Also, foods containing milk or wheat can cause discomfort for people who are intolerant to them.

* Many nonprescription medicines are available to help reduce symptoms. Studies have shown that when activated charcoal tablets like CharcoCaps are taken before and after a meal, intestinal gas is greatly reduced.

Doctor-recommended CharcoCaps are a natural remedy made with a homeopathic formula of ingredients meant to stimulate and support the body’s own defenses.

* Keep a diary of the foods (and amounts) that seem to cause you the most problems.

* Drink plenty of water, noncarbonated liquids and clear soup, but avoid soda and beer. If you do drink a beverage like beer, pour it in a glass first to let some of the fizz out.

* Reduce the amount of air you swallow. You can do this by eating more slowly and chewing more, avoiding chewing gum and hard candy, and not smoking.

Most people will find relief by changing their diets and using over-the-counter medicines. If you are still troubled, see your doctor, and take your diary with you to help answer questions about eating habits and symptoms.

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