How to Remedy Sciatic Nerve Pain at Home

How to Remedy Sciatic Nerve Pain at Home

For someone who is often suffering from sciatic nerve pain and doesn’t know what to do, these simple remedies may be a very big help to you. Sciatic nerve pain starts when you feel a throbbing pain in the inner part of your eyeballs and often spreads to the back going down to the foot. The sciatic nerve is located near the eyeball and the brain which controls the nerves in our body. So once it feels any pressure in the body, the pressure triggers the sciatic nerve pain.

There are many home remedies that can help you relieve the pain you are feeling. And these home remedies are not expensive and you can mostly do them alone. Treating sciatic nerve pain at home makes use of varying exercises and massaging techniques to help relax the muscles in the eye area where the pain will start.

One way to relieve sciatic nerve pain is to lie down and let your body relax. While lying down, your blood flow will be more stable especially the blood flow on the upper portion of your body. The next is to ask the help of someone in the house with you to massage your temples and neck area. Such massage is very relaxing to the nerves and can relax the whole body as well. You can also ask the person to massage the back of the head, nape area and top of the head simultaneously.

It will help to add pressure on top of your head because the scalp is full of nerves and the pressure will help make the nerve impulses stable. Aside from massaging techniques, you can also opt for nerve therapy for your sciatic nerve pain. What happens with the therapy is that there will be pressure applied to the different parts of the face and to the different reflexology points all over the body. Further, you can also soak your body in a warm bath to help relax your head and body as well.

And another way to help with sciatic nerve pain is to do some stretching exercises. Sciatic nerve pain will start from the back all the way to your foot and to avoid this from happening, you’d want to do lower and upper back exercises and stretching to remove the pressure from your back muscles which will send a signal to your sciatic nerve that the pressure in your body is starting to dissipate already. These simple home remedies are very effective and will help conquer your problem with sciatic nerve pain.

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