Nerve Pain from an Injury is Best Treated with Homeopathy


Nerve pain will occur when you damage an area which is rich in nerves. Or it can come about from an inner disturbance.

Areas which are rich in nerves are the head, the spine, the fingers and toes, the eyes, the mouth and the genitals. So any injury to these parts are going to sustain a greater potential for nerve damage and so nerve pain, than other areas.

The typical pain of an injured nerve is sharp. Sharp and shooting. Away from the site of injury. And it feels like an electric shock. A buzzing or a stinging. Perhaps a tingling.

The homeopathic medicine Hypericum is an excellent choice to repair damaged nerves

When old injuries to nerves are treated with Hypericum, the normal and healthy sensations are tingling, as the feeling comes back. It may also be a feeling of pins and needles. Unpleasant though this may be at the time, it does indicate that a healing is taking place.

Even old injuries, where there is a numbness because of a deadened nerve, can respond to Hypericum. This can take time, but the potential to reverse the damage is very real.

A pony once trod on my bare toes. (What an idiot for being around ponies without properly booted feet.) The pain was so exquisite, I couldn’t think, let alone walk for quite a while afterwards. The damage was almost totally on the tip of one toe, just where the nerves are in plentiful supply.

The nail fell off, but regrew later. But the pain was totally resolved with Hypericum. And the bleeding with Arnica.

Other conditions that can result in nerve pain is dental work. Many people suffer terrible pain afterwards. And Hypericum will resolve the injury to the nerves. It’s important to realise that this medicine is limited to the pain in nerves after an injury.

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