How to Take Care of Combination Skin

How to Take Care of Combination Skin

Combination/normal This skin type has medium pores, a smooth and even texture, good circulation, healthy color, may tend toward dryness on the cheeks while being oily in the t-zone. What you may not know is that combination skin is often a manifestation of the skin condition called seborrhea and its cousins, seborrheic eczema and seborrheic dermatitis. The main manifestation of seborrhea is overproduction of oil on the face and scalp. Many seborrhea patients also have yeast overgrowth, especially on the scalp and eyebrow areas, which causes irritation, itching, dandruff and other problems. You may want to see a dermatologist to determine whether you have seborrhea or related conditions.

Combination skin is a combination of both oily and dry skin. There is a greasy center panel consisting of nose, forehead and chin and a dry panel consisting of cheeks, mouth and the areas around the eyes. This type of skin is very common, and it should be treated as if it were two different types of skin.

Your aim should be to treat the problem on one area of the face without harming the skin of the other areas. Your first step is cleansing. It’s best to avoid harsh cleansers that are formulated for oily skin or milky cleansers formulated for dry skin and instead use a moisturizing cleansing bar or facial wash. The foaming action of these will help strip through the oil on the greasier parts of your skin but won’t dehydrate the cheeks at the same time. After cleansing, use a gentle exfoliator.

You should wash your face with a facial cream to foaming in the morning. This will clean the oily areas of the skin and pores on the tip of your nose are also cleaned, which prevents acne and must blackheads.You massage your skin moist, especially oil from the region and leave for a few seconds, then wash your face with the water. You should always use a cleanser in the evening time regularly to keep the dry areas of your skin clean and smooth. You must use two different toners, each with its own forces. For the dry zone of the skin, use a mild skin and water for the use of a high oil zones astringent. Using these will make you feel fresh.

After washing apply oil-free moisturizer (you can moisturize dry areas only). You can also apply oil-free moisturizer to dry areas throughout the day as needed.

Some people with combination skin may benefit from a combination of two masks used once a week. A clay mask is applied to the oily area and a moisturizing mask – to the dry areas.

Top 3 Tips for Combination Skin:

  • Don’t scrub oily areas – this irritates the skin and increases oil production.
  • Don’t treat your whole face the same. Your T-zone will require cleansing twice a day, while the cheeks only need doing once. It’s vice versa with moisturizing.
  • After using pore strips, apply tea tree oil to your nose. It will reduce redness and cut bacteria levels in the pores.
  • Use oil blotting sheets during the day to cleanse skin and combat shine without removing makeup.
  • Keep makeup to a minimum. It can exacerbate skin problems. If you wear makeup, choose hypoallergenic (doesn’t cause reactions), noncomedogenic (doesn’t clog pores), oil-free, and fragrance-free products.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water, take multivitamins, and eat colorful foods for skin-healthy antioxidants!

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  1. Thank you for this comment! Funny enough when I stopped wearing makeup is when I met my husband…and he prefers me bare faced! All my time and money wasted on lipstick and eyelash extensions and learning how to properly apply makeup because I thought I needed it attract a man…listening to society’s narrative about what defines beauty didn’t work for me, although I do know most men like seeing a woman in simple makeup. Good skincare is so important too!

    1. I completely agree with you! It’s interesting how sometimes we think we need makeup to be attractive, but in reality, natural beauty can be even more appealing to certain people. It’s great that you found someone who appreciates you without any enhancements. And you’re right, good skincare is key for maintaining healthy and glowing skin, regardless of whether or not we choose to wear makeup. Taking care of ourselves and feeling confident in our own skin is what truly matters. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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