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Even if you love animals, you wouldn’t want pests and rodents in your home. Rats, mice and other such rodents are carriers of diseases and pose a big danger to you and family members, as well as your pets. Yet if you are fond of animals, you wouldn’t want to kill these pests. In such a scenario, the best alternative is to buy humane mouse traps. With the help of these kinds of mouse traps, you can easily capture these rodents and then release them at a safe distance without causing any harm to them.

Different kinds of humane mouse traps are available in the market these days. These kinds of mouse traps have been introduced around 15 years back in order to provide the solution to the query of a large number of people top get rid of rats in a sanitary and safe manner. Read on to find out why humane ways of getting rid of mice and other torrent should be preferred over the traditional means.

Traditional Methods to Eradicate Mice

For hundreds of years, various other animals like cats and few dogs have been used for controlling the population of rats and mice. In more recent times, various other traditional ways have been used for removing mice from the homes such as poison, spring loaded traps, and glue pads.

Spring loaded traps

They are the most extensively used method of controlling the mice infestation in homes all over thee world. This method involves attracting mice by using cheese or grains as bait and capturing the mouse inside the small trap. However, few drawbacks are associated with this method of pest control such as spilling of blood, or release of feces and urine by the mice, which can lead to various diseases.

Glue Pads

Glue pads are placed somewhere on the floor and when mice move over it, the glue sticks to the mice and does not allow it to escape. After this, the mouse dies due to thirst or starvation. This method is also not preferred as picking up the glue pad and disposing it off becomes a big problem.


Though it is true that poison kills the mice, but it can be equally harmful for infants and pets. Since poison does not affect immediately, the rat can move and die in some inaccessible place, leading to emission of a disgusting stench after the mice decomposes.

Humane Mouse Traps

The humane mouse traps provide a much more effective solution to the problem of mouse infestation in comparison to traditional methods. Made using metal or plastic, these traps aims to capture the mice without killing them. Over the years, they have been proven to be extremely effective in accomplishing their job. In fact, many people have reported eliminating colonies of mice from their home within just a few weeks. All you need to do is bait the pests with grains or peanut butter and keep in a place where you suspect that mice travel at night. Next morning, you will surely find at least one rat trapped inside the container. You can simply take the trap to a far away place and release the mice. The biggest benefit of this humane mouse trap is that there is no risk of spreading disease, and no menace of poison related accidents. Not only this, they are quite affordable as well.

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  1. killing rats or any animal is really hurt me. but my home is full of rats. and i want to get rid of them without killing.

  2. Good description!

    Mousetrap is every household essentials, this is our first line of defense for rodent infestation.

    However, if you think you need to buy 10 of these, it must be a good time to call your local rodent control company. The earlier you get rid of this desease carrying pest the better for you, your family and your pets.

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