Important Techniques When Fishing Bass

Cast the lure out and wait for it to settle on the bottom. Work or reel it very slow. Cast the lure on the edge of the lily pads so it cranks down the drop off on the first part of your retrieve. Different colors work in different lakes during different light conditions. Casting or flipping for bass often yield good results, but for the beginner, trolling is likely to be much more successful. This involves letting your bouquet of baits into the water from the stern of your boat and towing it along till there’s a bite.

Artificial flies can be used for fly fishing bait. Jigs are used to help attract fish through their vertical movements. Artificial baits such a spinners, jigs, beetle spins, plastic worms, and surface lures are deadly. Yellow, purple, and black are the preferred colors.

Cold mornings and evenings have put the bass on the beds. The month of December should offer excellent trophy bass fishing . Cold weather and bass fishing are two things that, for the majority of bass anglers, don’t fit together. We are all used to picture in our mind hot sunny days and giant bass, not miserable cold snowy days, frozen northern winds, ice on the shorelines or similar stuff. Cold fronts and other associated low-pressure systems bring forth dormant plankton activity and thus negate energy levels of forage, in turn diminishing foraging opportunities for bass.

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Catching Smallmouth Bass in moving water is a ton of fun, and as I said, when these fish are coupled with gang hooks and ultra light gear, it’s easily as much fun as can be found while clothed. Get out there and give it a try, you’ll sure be glad you did. Catching fish with your bear hands is something even the primitive fisherman didn’t do, he used spears to catch fish and the first modern anglers used sticks with strings. The fisherman of today seems to like all kinds of modern expensive equipment fishing has become a commercialized ans sometimes even glamorous sport. Catches of quality largemouth bass have been steady, and bass anglers should have success in the knotgrass patches on the south and west shores of the lake in the months to come. Bluegill and redear sunfish can be caught on crickets, grass shrimp and live minnows in the pads at the northwest side of the lake, most of Little Lochloosa and the south end of the lake.

Smallmouth will rather use depth for hiding rather than bushes or weed beds. This difference makes it difficult for the angler to catch them if he is not prepared for its depth dive. Smallmouth bass are found from Lake Champlain southwest to the Appalachian region; they reach a maximum weight of about 2.3 kg (about 5 lb). Smallmouth can be fished for in the same manner as one does for trout as well. Largemouth bass tend to shy away from the types of currents and small rivers that trout are found in.

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