Lavender Essential Oil Benefits for Hair

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits for Hair

The lavender oil can be a significant source in promoting healthy hair growth. Yes it is! Continue reading this article to find out the amazing power of lavender for your hair.

If you think you are struggling with thinning of hair particularly alopecia areata, it is certainly possible to get some helpful benefits of lavender oil. This restorative healing oil is often used in hair and scalp products such as shampoo and conditioner. Additionally, this amazing oil aids in a lot of health hazards throughout the human body system.

The Latin name for Lavender is Lavare, indicating “to wash”; simply because of its smell that satisfies the actual sensation of a clean aroma. By means of distillation by steam, Lavender Oil is actually squeezed from its fresh blossoms. Lavender Oil is known to be used for making colognes as well as aroma therapies. The oil can be combined with cedarwood, geranium, pine and also nutmeg.

Lavender Oil Hair Benefits

People with lice or unwanted nits will certainly take advantage and make full use of Lavender Oil. Aside from that, this can be applied to someone who is really struggling with hair fall. In order to make your hair grow again, just do a soft and gentle scalp massage onto your scalp using Lavender Oil. You can do these before or while taking a shower. You can actually see and feel the result immediately as time goes by.

Lavender Oil is great for germ killing. This essential oil is considered as some sort of antiseptic not only to cure itchy scalp and dry skin but additionally to protect you from the harmful bacteria or fungi that mat attack your scalp and skin anytime. It is actually a very good medium of guaranteeing that hair can be treated without using any kind of unhealthy chemicals.

If you use Lavender Oil, you will help the hair grow at the same time speeding up the blood flow.

How to Apply Lavender Oil on Hair

Applying lavender oil is the same as other oils that you might have been using for your scalp. Pour a small amount of Lavender Oil onto your scalp and give your scalp a soft massage afterwards. If you observed that there is some kind of irritations appearing on your scalp then continue massaging your scalp with the Lavender Oil for about minutes.

Be sure that you are concentrating on the bald area or less-hair spot of your scalp. You can even dilute the oil if you feel the need nevertheless; do not keep on doing it so that you will not lose the benefits of using pure Lavender Oil. Afterwards, cover your hair with a clean and dry towel. You can continue doing this everyday for a month or so and wait to see the change.

Another worthwhile of concern is by imparting 10 to 12 droplets of Lavender Oil along with extract from Rosemary Oil to water with one fourth serving of oatmeal. The particular blend will prevent your scalp from total dryness. Put on the mixture into your scalp and you can wash it thoroughly after an hour.

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