How to Make Gel Candles

How to Make Gel Candles

Step by Step Instructions

So you have decided to embark upon candle making. However, you may not wish to make several varieties of candles but want to focus on a special type. If so, this checklist was prepared with you in mind. You will find information about how to make gel candles and why this type of candle is so special. Learning how to make gel candles is easy and fun and you can certainly make an earning from your efforts. You will realize that making gel candles is a wonderful hobby that pays.

So what’s so special about gel candles? Well, they are quick and easy to make, are eye catching and have wonderful scents. They make great gift items, they can be sold or you can use them at home. Making gel candles can help to cut down on the expense of gift giving especially during Christmas. This type of candle is becoming increasing popular as supplies are easily accessible and affordable. Knowing how to make gel candles is both a great hobby and a potential income earner.

Now it’s time to learn about making gel candles!!

Materials for Making Gel Candles

• Candle gel (homemade or purchased)

• Zinc Wicks

• Fragrance oil

• Liquid color dye

• Glass container

• Stainless steel pot

Equipment for Making Gel Candles

• Hot glue gun

• Thermometer

• Oven or microwave

Method for Making Gel Candles

• Put a small amount of glue in the bottom of the glass container.

• Place a wick onto the glue and leave to dry.

• Get your candle gel and cut it into small pieces and put them in the steel pot.

• Light the stove setting the burner to medium heat.

• Ensure that the temperature does not exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a thermometer to test the temperature

• Put the pot with the pieces of candle gel on the stove to allow the gel to melt until it is a similar texture to that of syrup.

• Add small portions of the dye to the melted gel and stir until you have your desired color.

• Pour your fragrance oil into the mixture.

• Place the container with the wick in the oven or microwave. Heat to about 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Remove the container from the oven. Place it on a flat area.

• Pour gel mixture down the sides of the container.

• Pull up the wick and straighten it by rolling it onto a pencil.

• Allow the candle to harden. Trim the wick as required.

Tips When Making Gel Candles

• Choose the right wick – a thick one will result in smoking while a thin one will burn quickly.

• Ensure that both the glass container and the gel mixture are both hot before pouring. This will reduce the chances of the gel bubbling.

• Pouring the gel mixture into the container should be done slowly and with great care.

• Do not use your fingers to take up the wick if the gel is too hot when learning how to make gel candles.

• Use zinc wicks when making gel candles as they absorb less gel than cotton wicks.

• Make sure that your liquid color dye is not flammable.

• Use a dropper when adding the dye to your gel mixture. This will help to provide an even color for your candle.

With all this said…Lets start making candles!

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  1. I have a question everytime i tryand add my fragrance oil it,makes the gel foggy and very bubbly. Ive only successful made a candle without adding anything any advice?

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