Make a Scented Hot Pad

Make a Scented Hot Pad

This one is so quick and easy that I’m making a bunch to stick on Christmas presents as “bows” — scented Hot Pads!

Couldn’t be much easier to knock together — and the sweet-scented payoff is a treat! Just set a hot teapot on the pad and breathe in as the heat activates the scented fabric! Here’s how to make them:

You’ll need two six inch squares of colorful cotton fabric, two six inch squares of cotton batting, and a handful or two of your favorite potpourri. Be sure and use cotton fabric and batting — you’ll be placing hot objects on top eventually and you don’t want to have any synthetic fabric that may melt!

Begin by joining the right sides of the two colorful cotton squares (you can follow a step-by-step photo process at the link below). Sew a straight stitch along three sides, leaving one side open. Invert the fabric squares so that the right sides are now on the outside. Set it aside for the moment.

Next, match the two cotton batting squares (there is no right-side/wrong-side). Sew along three sides and invert the squares to make a bag. Stuff this bag with your favorite potpourri — and then sew the remaining side to close the bag. This seam does not need to be slip-stitched as it will not be visible.

Finally, take your batting/potpourri bag and insert it in the colorful fabric bag. Slipstitch the remaining open side closed — and you’re done! You can use colorful bindings or embellishments along the sides if you want — but a simple bag works fine, too!

If your potpourri is very bulky, you may want to “smush” the bag a little flatter. Even bulky bags work, though — a teapot will nestle down nicely on a fluffy and bulky hot pad!

About 15 minutes of sewing time and you’re done — that’s why I’m making a handful to place on special gift packages!

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