Child Flower Activity

Child Flower Activity

Make Your Own Potpourri

By midsummer flowers are in full bloom. Now is the time to gather flowers for a child flower activity. Make your own potpourri using fresh flowers from the garden. Rose petals are real lovely dried, but try flowers such as mums, marigolds, bachelor’s buttons etc.

Once the flowers are picked, pull the petals off the stem and spread out on a baking sheet. Let them air dry for several days. You may need to collect flowers and dry until a fairly large amount is accumulated. Store the dried petals in a container or jar until you are ready to make the potpourri.

Also needed is orris root powder and concentrated rose oil, which can be purchased at a local nursery or crafts store. Additional items such as dried eucalyptus leaves, sage leaves and rosemary stems can be added to the potpourri.

To make the potpourri, mix together the flower petals, leaves, orrisroot powder in a large bowl. Drop 4 –5 drops of rose oil on the flower mix and toss well. Two to four cups of flower mixture will make approximately ten sachets.

To make sachets, cut white or ecru tulle (netting) into 6” circles. Place a small amount of potpourri in the center of the circle, gather up the net, and secure with a ribbon. Older children can make small bags of satin or brocade, by sewing three sides of a 4” square of fabric. Fill the bag with potpourri, gather the top of the bag, and tie closed with ribbon.

Save the extra potpourri in a clear canning jar, covered with lace or tulle. Again tie the fabric around the top of the jar with a ribbon. Give this pretty child flower activity as a gift to your mom, grandmother, aunt, special friend or teacher!

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