Make Your Spa an At-Home Getaway

Make Your Spa an At-Home Getaway

Nothing is more inviting during the cold fall and winter months than a warm, soothing soak. The experts at SpaGuard recommend following these steps to ensure clear, comfortable spa water.

1. Circulate spa water to distribute the chemicals that kill bacteria and destroy contaminants.

2. Clean spa surfaces using Spa Cleaning Mitts, skimmer net, brush, and vacuum to clear debris.

3. Chemically clean your filter every 4 to 6 weeks. Filtration removes hair, oils, and cosmetics that wash off during spa use.

4. Use SpaGuard products to protect spa surfaces and equipment from scaling caused by calcium deposits. The right products make the difference in your spa experience. Try new Spa Silken to experience the latest in soaker comfort.

5. Maintain appropriate pH and sanitizer levels.

6. Draining and refilling are normal procedures in spa maintenance. Over time, the water absorbs and dissolves minerals, chemicals and other soluble material. How often you drain and refill your spa depends on how often you use it. This simple formula can help: (# of spa gallons / # of daily bathers)/ 3 = days between draining.

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