Making a Quilt with Men’s Flannel Shirts

Making a Quilt with Men's Flannel Shirts

Christmas, holiday birthdays, and the New Year celebrations have come to an end. New clothing gifts came into our lives replacing the old clothing. Here is a quick suggestion for flannel shirts. Do not throw away those shirts; start your new year making a quilt with men’s flannel shirts.

The men’s plaid flannel shirts can be mixed and matched with the solid matching colors. After you combine your quilting pattern squares and rectangles you will have a new quilt to be used for a sofa throw or a cover up for your favorite sporting event.

You as a quilt maker will have many other ideas other than the above mentioned two suggestions. I feel sure about this because as you look over these flannel shirts you will recall many memories of camping trips, hiking paths, fishing and canoeing, and many other outdoor activities you shared with family and friends.

Study these shirts with a keen eye:

  • Save less worn areas
  • Cut away worn and stained areas
  • Save buttons, cuffs, and pockets which are in good condition

Making a quilt with men’s flannel shirts will be rather easy to do.

  • Choose your favorite quilting pattern
  • Cut squares, rectangles, and strips
  • Count how many of each cut are available
  • Decide how many pieces are missing
  • Purchase coordinating colors to complete quilting design
  • Hand stitch, machine stitch or use a combination of these sewing techniques
  • Enjoy your quilt made with men’s flannel shirts

Other benefits of using not so worn out shirts include:

  • It is readily available and free
  • All family members can donate their unwanted flannel shirts
  • It will be a unique memory quilt

As an added note the quilting design may or may not need to have a border. If you decide to use a border accent your squares with a border representing your special outdoor activities as portrayed in the fabric patterns.

If you cannot find a border which will accent your quilt as you would prefer consider making appropriate appliques to show off those important memories. Add the quilt batting, attach the backside of the quilt and refine finishing touches.

Another important item to include in your quilt is your name, address (if you wish), your name, and the date. More times than not making a quilt with men’s flannel shirts worn by the men in your family may become an heirloom in the future for a family member.

For more ideas for memory quilts visit Queen B’s website — Daddy’s Shirts : A Memory Quilt:

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