Minimize Pores with a DIY Lemon-Tomato Mask

Minimize Pores with a DIY Lemon-Tomato Mask

Large pores equals oily skin. The onslaught of oily skin is especially dire to people who have large pores. Because of the size of the pores, this leads to excess sebum production (substance secreted by our sebaceous glands that prevent hair and skin from drying out) which results to oily skin.

Large pores are prone to skin irritations. Excess sebum production from large pores can result to a number of skin problems like acne, unsightly skin, rashes and blackheads.

While you can’t minimize your pore size without surgery, an easy and inexpensive beauty remedy like this homemade tomato and lemon mask can help reduce the appearance of your skin’s pores as well as minimize the excessive sebum production of your skin.

Of Lemons and Tomatoes

Tomatoes make an exceptional skin treatment for large pores as its naturally acidic properties help it balance the skin and get rid of excessive oil. It also has cooling elements to soothe raw skin, and tons of vitamin C and A, brightening dull skin!

Tomatoes are also rich in phytochemicals (hyperlink) that aid in our system’s process of preventing diseases and eliminating toxins out of our body, leaving us (and our skin!) healthy and nourished.

Lemon, other the other hand, has many flavorful and healthy uses when added to foods and drinks, but did you know that lemon juice is a natural antiseptic medicine? It helps cure skin dullness, as it is an excellent source of vitamin C. It enhances skin by rejuvenating it from within and thus bringing that lovely glow on your face. Its antiseptic properties also aid in removing blackheads and de-clogging pores with excess sebum.

Now, with these two ingredients in today’s inexpensive and effortless DIY mask that merges the skin-enriching properties of lemon and the cooling effect of tomato, you can effectively cleanse and minimizes your pores. You are sure to see a big difference in your skin once you apply this unique blend of ingredients! Enjoy!

Lemon Tomato Mask


  • 1 ripe tomato
  • 1 tsp. lemon juice
  • 1 tsp. oatmeal


1. Scoop and mash your ripe tomato in a bowl.

2. Place all the ingredients – mashed tomato, lemon juice and oatmeal in a blender, then puree.

3. Apply to clean face and leave on for about 15 minutes.

4. Rinse with warm water then pat dry.

The Author:

Green Blossoms

Editor’s Note: Tried this recipe for myself and highly recommend it! My skin feels smooth and very soft. The only thing is, I had to add more oatmeal to the recipe because I used a medium sized tomato, so you want the ingredients pureed but not watery. Oh..and avoid your eyes since it has lemon juice in it too. 🙂

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  2. Loved this DIY mask completely. It’s so simple and makes your skin so soft immediately after using.

  3. I’m trying this mask now ….my face feels really tingly right now I have like 6 mins left ….I hope I don’t look all red after

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