Music Therapy Benefits and Mental Health

Music Therapy Benefits and Mental Health

People noticed the healing, almost miraculous influence of music on people’s mental health long time ago. Nowadays these observations are being successfully scientifically confirmed. Did you know that, according to British scientists, classical music contributes to longer dinners at restaurants? Ever heard that the level of stress hormones in our blood decreases strikingly if we practise listening to relaxing music? Don’t you know that cheerful songs are healthy for people with heart disease?

In case you don’t know a thing about facts enumerated above, this article will both educate you on the issue of music therapy and help you improve mental health through music. So what wonders exactly can music do with people’s mental and physical health? Below are music therapy health benefits explained in detail.

  • Some scientists conclude that music is a panacea for a lot of mental illnesses. It stabilizes breathing, pulse, helps our muscles relax and speeds up the recovery process.
  • Music cures insomnia, neurosis, indigestion, depression and relieves stress. What is more, according to the research, music therapy is even used to prevent hair loss in balding men!
  • Music develops intuition, boosts speed of thought and spices up imagination. It catalyzes one’s intellect and prevents people from sticking to generalities. Music breaks stereotypes and prevents categorical thinking.
  • Music therapy develops communicative skills. It is well-known that music is an international language that unites people of different nationalities, cultures, ages and professions contributing to the unique case of speaking without words – communication through music.
  • Speaking of sound…check out this noise level chart showing examples of noises at different decibel levels.
  • Psychologists state that music helps them establish contact with patients. It eases the process of emotional reactions. Music helps people resolve conflicts and find the long-lost understanding which in its turn enhances their mental health.
  • Music therapy contributes to intellectual relaxation as well. When ‘listening’ to classical music, for example, human brain enjoys the healing rest… Music provides colorful emotions and helps us get rid of anxieties.

Music therapy also releases emotional tension, influences certain hidden psychological possibilities of people. According to the scholars, music helps us find a way to our souls. What is more, music therapy helps people establish defense against threats and dangers of the world and increases our social activity.

In other words, a truly healing influence of music on one’s mental health cannot but amaze us. We should know that there is also music which causes harm to one’s emotional state though, but if chosen to fit one’s mood and thoughts and if sounds right to you, music therapy will definitely enhance your mental and physical health.

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